The Benefits of Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student Part 2

With you every step of the way!

One of the distinct advantages of working with EF High School Exchange Year is our commitment to supporting our students and host families.  Throughout the year our dedicated staff will be ready to support you 24 hours a day.

Holding hands

“I’ve hosted 33 students and have found EF to be the very best organization around.  They are committed to their host families and schools and the staff works above and beyond to assure that everyone is having a positive experience.”


As a former Host Mom, myself, the experience was the same.  Our IEC, International Exchange Coordinator, followed up with us every month whether we wanted her to or not.  Glenda, had the kids and host families always on her mind.  She wanted to make sure all needs, wants and desires were met during the year.

EF All the Way!  EF Logo

Unlike other organizations, EF does not contract any outside companies or agents to find and screen its participants.  The motto “EF All the Way” means our host families and students are supported by EF from the time they first apply to the program through the duration of the exchange year.


International Exchange Coordinator

IECs are the local representatives of EF in communities across the country.  This is my title.  We are the ones that are the first in line to help the host families and the exchange students.  We are available to help you with any questions or concerns that may arise.  Even though we would love for you to have a “rainbows and butterflies” perfect paradise experience there can be challenges.  IEC responsibilities include seeking out and interviewing prospective host families, helping prepare host families for the exchange experience, securing student’s high school enrollments, organizing get-togethers with students and host families throughout the year and maintaining contact with local high school officials.

Program Support Managers (PSM)       Foreign Students

PSMs work with their regions’ IECs to help in supporting host families, students and schools during the exchange year.  PSMs can assist with anything from individual student support to student travel within the country.  We’ve even had students go into Mexico with their host families without a hitch.  The PSMs also speak directly with the EF offices abroad to keep your students’ natural parents up-to-date on their child’s year.  These PSMs know their stuff.

Compliance Managers (CM)

CMs are responsible for making sure we are operating in compliance with US State Department standards.  CMs can handle all host family and school applications paperwork, so they are often in contact with host families during the screening process.  They are really picky about the applications because if we don’t follow the US State Department standards we lose our privileges.

EF Offices Abroad

EF High School Exchange Year has an EF office in each of the countries we work with.  In addition to screening and preparing our students before they come to the US, EF offices in Europe and Asia are in constant communication with students’ natural parents throughout the year.  Globe  EF offices in Boston and Denver work hand-in-hand with EF offices abroad to create a successful exchange year for our students, host families and schools.  Each year there is a conference where all of our international staff attend so all other staff can connect.  This is a fun time for all staff to learn about each other’s countries.

You will never feel alone

EF High School Exchange does not leave anyone in the dark.  They cover all sides of the exchange transaction as well as stay current with each student and family during the whole school year.  You will be completely satisfied using EF High School Exchange guaranteed.

You are feeling more confident now that you’ve heard the straight skinny from someone who has been there, aren’t you?  Let’s get you ready for the next calendar year.  Call me, Michelle Rothwell, and I can get you started.  Whether you are in my home state or somewhere else in the US, I can get you going in the right direction.  619-822-5638 is my personal cell phone.  Or email me at

Here’s to the best school year ever!  Toasting

If you didn’t read our first blog about the benefits of hosting a foreign exchange student you can do so right here.

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