The Benefits of Hosting Foreign Exchange Students – Part 1

My husband thinks I am crazy for taking on my latest endeavor but he is wrong!  Foreign exchange students are another avenue to be able to share about America and the Lord.  Outreach is important!  Nothing can be more relaxing and easy than to do outreach in your own home.  Granted you aren’t allowed to force foreign exchange students to attend church with you.  There are many foreign exchange students that are curious about religion in America and want to go to church.

In the last month I’ve decided to partner with EF High School ExchangeEF Logo and bring foreign exchange students to southern California.  The benefits of hosting foreign exchange students are immeasurable especially in homeschool families.  One of the benefits …

Teach Your Little Kids About the World.  Here is what a Host Mom from Kansas says, “I love watching my youngest daughter’s joy when she makes the connection between her classroom studies and her older exchange brothers and sisters.  Recently, she learned about the times zones in school.  Having host siblings all over the world really brought the lesson to life.  Now everyday she checks the time and weather for the locations of all our past exchange students!”

One challenge for the homeschool family will be taking the exchange student to public school while your children are homeschooled.  Your exchange student probably has heard of homeschooling in their country but won’t know anything about it.  This will give everyone a chance to learn about each other’s schooling habits and lessons.

At Homeschool Inspired Spanish we highly recommend homeschool families taking in foreign students through EF High School Exchange due to the fact that many of their students come from Spain.  These students would give you the opportunity to learn about Spain’s customs, people, history and government first hand.  A win win for everyone involved.  To find out more email us at and we can connect you with your local IEC from EF High School Exchange.

May you be blessed,

Michelle Rothwell, Owner

Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish


Homeschool Inspired Spanish

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