What is Build Your Bundle or BYB?

It’s the biggest Homeschooling sale of the year!

Would you like to save 96% on your homeschool curriculum?  Well now is your chance!

Frugal shoppers love this sale because they can buy their whole school year’s curriculum at a fraction of the cost.  Here are the benefits from shopping from the Build Your Bundle group:

  1. Over 100 known and newly added publishers to choose from.  Even some of Cathy Duffy’s favorites.
  2. Buy the preset bundles, saving the most when you get 10 or more.
  3. Pick and Choose your own items to create a personalized bundle.  Again 10 or more and you reap the biggest benefits.
  4. Save 50% on classes and memberships.
  5. Buy 2 bundles and get 1 free.

Here is a sample of the Bundle our Curriculum is featured:

It is the Elementary Bundle #2


Build Your Bundle Elementary #2

Here is a sample of what you will find with our lessons:

Level 2 Lesson 5 Spanish Verbs 1st to 5th-SAMPLE

With so many good bundles to choose from you can’t go wrong shopping now.

All grade levels are represented so all of your students will benefit.

May you have a blessed day and thanks for shopping,

Michelle Rothwell, Owner

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