Spanish Learning Hacks, Tips and Tricks Part 2

Our continuing homeschool helps project has developed Part 2 of the Spanish Learning Hacks, Tips, and Tricks.  For the best Spanish Learning program, it needs to be a complete system.  Providing Spanish Learning Hacks, Trips and Tricks is the best way to do this for eager teachers.  Granted a lot of homeschool families want AYOP programs and independent study curricula but the successful ones incorporate as many tools as they can. We have done that for you here:

  1. Decide what is important for your student to learn. Conversation, grammar, certain subjects, to communicate with adults or children.  Once you have a focus point then you can decide which program to consider.  The Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish‘s Español de Iglesia para Niñosddemblem150 is all about Spanish grammar hits these areas except subject. Homeschool Inspired Spanish cropped-avatar-large.pngoffers the Dora & Diego curricula as well as promoting Spanish by subject.  H.I.S. is an all-inclusive site.
  2. Hire a tutor, join a meetup group, or join a co-op class. Granted some of these might cost you some money but what is important and how important is it for your student to learn Spanish?  The right tutor tutor-606091_640will know how to keep your student’s interest, have practical ways of testing the students’ skills and give accountability for the lessons.  Meetup groups are people who have shared interests for the same subjects.  You can find groups close to your home.  You can find groups that are age specific.  You can find groups that are gender specific.  Whatever you are looking for you will find it.  If you can’t find a meetup group that meets your specifics then start your own.  Co-op classes are awesome!  But you probably already know that.  The co-op classes should have been mentioned in #5 above but I didn’t think of using co-ops until now.  Co-op groups give accountability for the students.  As I always say, the more the merrier when it comes to learning languages.
  3. Enroll in an immersion class. Once again this will cost money but the end results will be worth it especially if you are in a hurry for your student to learn.  Non-stop Spanish speaking, listening, reading, and writing by force (yes, it will be painful) will create the results you will want. The last suggestion here is for your student to become a foreign exchange student.  Whether you are willing to let them be gone for one month, half a school year or a whole school year the lessons learned will be
  4. Watch Spanish movies, t.v. shows and sports. The more someone hears a language spoken the more they pick it up.  At first, they will get frustrated because they will not recognize many words but as time goes on they will get better. For the movies film-reel-147631_640try to find DVDs that have English and Spanish so your students will learn the plot which will make it easier.  There are a lot of kid’s favorites out there which include both languages.  Hopefully you can find ones that have Spanish voices and not just closed captioning.  T.V. shows can be found on YouTube as well as other media like Netflix, Pureflix, etc.  room-2559790_640The opportunity to learn through media are available, guaranteed.  Then the reason I say sports is because a lot of the same vocabulary words will be spoken.  It will be tougher to watch the sports as they will be live and live Spanish speaking tends to be fast.  The Movies and t.v. shows you can slow down so the pronunciation can be heard better.
  5. Listen to Spanish music or English music in Spanish. A lot of this hack, tip and trick is the same as number 9 above but you can google the lyrics.  If your student has the lyrics in front of them, it will be easier to music-1874621_640sing the songs.  There are some music videos on YouTube that has the lyrics in Spanish right as you listen to the songs.  Have your students learn the songs in English first then in Spanish that way they will be able to understand what the song is all about.  It will give them a basis to learn from.  The other hack, tip and trick for music is to use a website like Pandora to set up a music station with Spanish music.  When I create my Spanish lessons, I listen to worship music in Spanish. The music helps me to get into the zone.  It ministers to my spirit and stay in tune with the Lord.

Thank you for allowing us to help you enhance your students’ Homeschool Spanish learning through these Spanish Hacks, Tips, and Tricks Part 2.  Your confidence in our curricula blesses us to no end.  Please stay tuned for more Spanish Learning Hacks, Tips, and Tricks in Part 3 coming soon.

Bendiciones (Blessings),

Michelle Rothwell, Owner

Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish


Homeschool Inspired Spanish

P.S. In case you missed Spanish Hacks, Tips, and Tricks Part 1 you can read it here.

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