We want you to hear about the best: Smart People Read These Spanish Hacks, Tips and Tricks Part 1

Does this sound like you?  Your state requires your homeschool student to learn a foreign language.  You have never taken a foreign language yourself so you don’t think you can be the right teacher.  What would be the best Spanish learning hacks, tips and tricks you can provide in your home?

     We’ve got it all right here!  And it’s free!

     As time goes on we will be sharing different Spanish learning hacks, tips and tricks so you and your students will get the most out of your Spanish learning experience.  Most of the items here will help you with any language and some will be specific to just Spanish.

#1  Practice, Practice, Practice.  Then Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.  – For a lot of us we didn’t realize when we were babies how long it actually took us to learn our native language.  Well there was a lot of repeating by our parents as well as what we call “extreme pronunciation”.  Extreme pronunciation is where you repeat every little syllable and sound that is made in a word so your child could imitate the word and pronounce it properly.  The younger the child, the more repetition was needed.  Sometimes we even thought our child had a hearing problem because they couldn’t say the words at first.  Remember to be patient with your students when they are learning to speak a foreign language.  To this day I can read and write Spanish better than I can speak it.  Trust me, these Spanish learning hacks, tips and tricks are coming from my own experience.

#2  Practice with a Native Spanish Speaker – One thing I love about the Hispanic people is they love it when you try to learn their language.  They are so gracious and kind while helping you learn.  It is definitely like Christ’s attitude towards us, full of grace and mercy.  While in a Spanish speaking country or in the presence of a Spanish speaking native, and they don’t know you, as soon as you try to speak Spanish they get excited.  They will start talking to you really fast and animated.  All you have to do is say, “Habla despacio, por favor.”  And they will slow down for you.  In your hometown you should be able to find native Spanish speakers.  In the United States we have a website called Meetup.com.  On that website you can find a Spanish group.  The safest way to find them is through your local church denomination.  Let them know you want to learn Spanish.  They will definitely take you under their wing.  Maybe you can return the favor and help them with their English.  If you aren’t able to find any in your hometown, then stay on this website as we plan in 2017 to start a live practice room.

#3  Use an Online Translator with Sound – There are several translators out there but my favorite is Bing Translator.  It is easy to use.  Choose Spanish as the language for your words.  Type it them into the box, without the accents is fine.  Then in the lower left hand corner of the text box is a speaker button.  Use the drop down menu to choose between Spain Spanish or Mexico Spanish.  Since we are located less then a mile from Mexico, we choose that one all the time.  This is a great tool to use when learning new words.

#4  Lower your expectations for perfection – Perfection comes with time.  If you relax as the teacher, your kids will relax and have fun with it.  Remember “Finishing is better than starting.  Patience is better than pride.”  (Ecc 7:8)  Yes, pride is the stresser for messing up while learning Spanish or any language for that matter.  If your students do #1 above, “Practice, Practice, Practice.  Then Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat.”  They will learn it and you will be surprised.

#5  Have More than One Student Studying at the Same Time – Many of the Spanish lessons in Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish and the worksheets here on Homeschool Inspired Spanish require more than one student to complete them.  Also, they can play the games together.  As you know it takes at least two people to carry on a conversation and that is the ultimate goal of learning Spanish.  To be able to converse and share the love of Christ through our lessons here.

Keep this blog bookmarked as we will be adding more Spanish Learning Hacks, Tips and Tricks as we go along.  We will also have them stationary on our website labeled as Spanish Learning Hacks, Tips and Trips.  That was an obvious title wasn’t it?  LOL!  These will hopefully help your students to learn faster and easier.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week.

Dios le benidga (God Bless You),

Michelle Rothwell, Owner and Author

Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish and Homeschool Inspired Spanish


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