We Want You to Hear About the Best

Hunting for the best is exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time.  Hunting is what we did.  We want you to hear about the best from those who have been in the field the longest.  You can’t go wrong listening to what is being said here.  Don’t take our word for it.  These are actual quotes from a customer:

“I will admit the Build Your Own Bundle sale and others like it typically overwhelm me and I shy away. This particular sale has several friends of mine involved. They are also offering the curriculum and materials of many I know personally. Besides, In the Hands of A Child lapbooks are favorites of mine. That bundle is really awesome. I just had to check it out.

I am so glad I did look into this sale. I bought a ton of GREAT stuff for less than $90. When I say a ton, I mean it! 24 lapbooks, homeschool planning resources, unit studies, thematic units, plus I built my own bundle too! This is also a great deal for anyone in any budget. You can spend as little as $10 and buy a whole bundle. I bought 7 bundles for $90! If you buy 2 bundles you get one FREE! Plus, if you signed up for a coupon code in advance be sure to use it on a Build Your Own Bundle. Once I got the hang of how it works, the process was simple and the checkout was easy.”

“No shipping fees! Everything is digital! I plan to print out several items for immediate use.”

“So easy! My 54 page Ancient Egypt lapbook downloaded, printed, and waiting for school next year! Part of one of the bundles I bought.

I just got anatomy as well. It may not be the same one but it was in one of my bundles. The ones I bought range from 60-110 pages so far.”

“Oh my! The FREEBIES and coupon bundle included with every purchase is a wonderful surprise. Found another ton of stuff!”

“I have printed over 800 pages of good, usable stuff from this sale today! SO AMAZING!”

“Thanks Michelle! I am really amazed at the value and offerings. Thanks!”

Michelle you hit the nail on the head! I am going to try out the Green Kids monthly boxes. I printed several FREE things including Amanda Bennett’s Independence Day Unit Study. Well worth the time and effort.”

After extensive research, here are our results not in any order:

  1. Fun in music! Gotta love it.  After seeing Maestro Classics “Casey at the Bat” I knew I had to put that on my wish list.  It’s awesome to see they’ve added learning sheets to go along with the poem.  Accolades galore.  Maestro Classics are top notch.  For me, I love baseball and the Casey at the Bat poem.  My favorite reader is James Earl Jones but I am going to have to try Ernest Lawrence to see what all the fuss is about.  If you want to see for yourself, look at the Brother & Sister Bundle.
Casey at the Bat
  1. Jam packed with tools for teaching toddlers. I know from teaching toddlers every week for my church that if you can’t keep their attention for 2 minutes or more you are done.  The Toddler Experience Curriculum will keep my active toddlers going and learning at the same time.  It looks like the curriculum can be adapted to any other lessons you are doing at the same time.  The flexibility looks amazing!  I can’t wait to get my hands on this product.  Get it now in the Early Learning Bundle.

    The Toddler Experience


  1. After hearing one of the author’s stories about how “It’s the Heart Not the Hemline” came into existence, I realized I needed to get this one. So many times girls hear from their mothers, “Take that off!  You can’t wear that in public!”  Or we fight with our daughters at the store because they want to buy something that looks cool on a mannequin and we know it is totally inappropriate.  Richele McFarlin and Lindsey Stromberg attack this issue from a different perspective, from the heart.  If you can teach your daughter to have a modest heart, she will be able to make the decisions herself as to an appropriate outside appearance.  Every home that has a young girl learning to be modest in the secular world will want to have a copy of this curriculum.  It is also in the Brother & Sister Bundle.


  1. Okay, I am not a science person. I can almost say I hate science.  For me to try and teach kids about something I don’t like is a challenge.  In light of these challenges I found something that actually looks like fun.  Games are big in our household and the Periodic Table of the Elements Activity Pack includes games.  Games!  I love games and so do my kids.  Remember a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down and so do games.  We just might be able to learn the Periodic Table of Elements without too much pain.  Get your copy in the Elementary Bundle #3.

    Periodic Table of Elements Activity Pack


  1. Ahoy there matey! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Kipling’s Captains Courageous Audiobook.  Even though the story is about becoming a young man at sea I enjoyed reading it myself as a child.  A lot of the same lessons the young boy learns can also be learned by young ladies.  It’s a story that is full of swash buckling excitement.  A great story for the family to read, listen to or watch the movie.  It’s a classic with timeless lessons.  Another great item in the Brother & Sister Bundle.


  1. One of my most favorite curriculum authors has added her products to the mix. Lynda Watts Ackert does an amazing job all of the time.  She has created over 50,000 pages of curriculum since 2010.  Lynda is who I aspire to be like.  One of her creations I would like to encourage you to get is her “Working With Sight Words”.  One thing that isn’t mentioned in the description is Lynda included ASL signs for each word.  The lessons are always complete and easy to use not to mention reproducible.  You can’t go wrong with anything Lynda creates.  As one of Lynda’s annual subscribers, I know this pack has over 50 pages covering all of the sight words and signs.  You will find it in your Early Learning Bundle.


  1. So many homeschool families wonder how to make the transition from homeschool high school into college. You will be happy to know there is a plan!  If you get “Homeschooling High School with College in Mind”, you won’t be lost.  All of your answers will be met.  This amazing guide was created by Betsy Sproger who has been there.  She has lived to tell us about it.  Her daughter was accepted into each college she applied to and one was a tier 2 university plus an ivy league school.  Well if Betsy and her daughter can do it so can you.  Just stick to the plan and you can’t go wrong.  Upper Grades Bundle 1 holds this awesome resource.

    Homeschooling High School With College in Mind


  1. Anything from A Journey Through Learning is a must. All of their lapbooks come with complete instructions in creating the lapbook.  You could say it is lapbooking from A to Z.  Each subject is thoroughly covered but there is room to add your own style.  We would be lost without A Journey Through Learning.  They have 16 different products in this year’s sale.  They are all offered together in their own bundle called A Journey Through Learning Bundle.a-journey-through-learning-600x791


  1. “Walking with the Waodani Adventures in Ecuador” will be in my library for sure. The story of the five missionaries who were killed in 1956 is the story that made me want to be a part of missions.  Whether becoming a full time missionary or doing short term missions my calling has continued ever since I saw the documentary movie in my church.  I believe the Unit Study will open your children’s hearts and minds into reaching out to others.  They will be shocked and amazed by this story.  This is where my Spanish learning, and love, truly began.  Just as you would expect this product is in the Character Building Bundle.

    Walking with the Waodani Adventures in Ecuador

If you agree with our choices, leave a comment below.


If you don’t agree with our choices, leave a comment below.


Your thoughts and ideas are valuable to us.  You are valuable to us.


Have a blessed day,

Michelle Rothwell, Ownwer

Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish plus Homeschool Inspired Spanish





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