Validation Keeps You Going

Validation means you have been accepted.  It means they like you!  It is human nature to desire acceptance and appreciation.  We keep going after receiving validation.  The need for validation usually comes either after completing a monumental task or when you are “in the depths of despair”, as Anne of Green Gables would say.  There are times when it feels like you are banging your head on a wall and the only way it will feel better is to stop.   Tell me, do you fit this category?                                Validation Keeps You Going

You hear everyone’s complaints:

  • I don’t like this.
  • It’s too hard.
  • I don’t know what to do.
  • When do we get a day off?
  • I don’t feel like doing this.

All of this makes you want to run outside screaming and pulling your hair out.  Make it stop!  But, you have to be the grown up in the situation and keep things moving forward.  Sometimes it is just like pulling teeth just to get these kids to write their names on their papers.  Ugh!  Calgon take me away!

You are really wanting to get a break but the adult side of you says, no!  How about trying this, validate them.  Just like you want to be validated that you are doing the absolute best thing in the world for your children by homeschooling them.  Here are some ways to do it:

  • After they complete a worksheet they get a piece of candy.
  • After they finish a subject for the day give them a cookie.
  • Keep a picture of their favorite toy in front of them and tell them they can play with it after they finish.  Show them what they are working towards.  Don’t put the actual toy there because they will touch it while your back is turned.  (Yes, I know you know it’s true because you have eyes in the back of your head.)
  • Give them money.  Hmmm!  That could get expensive if you have a big family.
  • Entice them with their favorite television show, video game, or dvd.

Validation Keeps You Going

I know you thought I was going to say tell them how awesome they are when they complete the activity, worksheet, subject, etc.  Yes, that does work wonders for the child whose love language is positive affirmations.  My old standard is bribery.  Reward for good behavior.  For those of you who have special needs children already know this routine.  My grandson has autism and when he was being taught how to look people in the eye when he talks to them for five minutes he got five minutes of electronics time.  Some days you get what you get and he only got what he got, five minutes.  His best days he was able to work up to 30 minutes of electronics time.  Even what we call normal kids are just that, kids.  They have emotional days in the pits and emotional days in the roof tops.  Go with the flow.  Bottom line is the motivation.

The adventure of learning keeps kids motivated.  Here are some ideas for you:

  • Get curriculum along the lines of your child’s learning abilities
  • Get curriculum that is flexible
  • Get curriculum that is meaningful to your kids
  • Get curriculum that grows with your child
  • Get curriculum which teaches fundamentals
  • Get curriculum simply
  • Get curriculum which is valuable
  • Get curriculum that has a higher purpose
  • Get Dora & Diego’s Homeschool Spanish “Español de Iglesia para Niños” and then sign up for the freebies Homeschool Inspired Spanish. (Included in the Elementary Bundle #2)

For a while now it didn’t seem like people were seeing us.  They weren’t understanding what we were all about.  Then the Build Your Bundle crew came along.  My good friend and mentor, Lynda Watts Ackert, told me about the BYB crew and their annual sale.  Lynda thought we were a good fit.  On a chance and a prayer our curriculum was submitted.  After sending emails back and forth for a whole month, we were accepted!  What a humble experience for homeschool parents to believe our product was good enough for their children.  We were validated.

The Build Your Bundle crew are amazing!  They’ve encouraged me every step of the way. Praying for me and teaching me everything I need to know about marketing.  What an experience!  The Build Your Bundle crew take care of their customers.  Not only are the products professional, they are affordable.  As an extra enticement each customer is given a Bundle of Bonuses Book.  Each book has over $500 worth of Freebies, coupons, membership deals and more.  The BYB crew want to validate you.  As homeschool parent and customer. Besides if they can relieve your financial woes in teaching your kids they figure there will be more time to actually teach.

Guess what?!  We want to validate you as well.  We’ve added a 70-page Unit Study, or Word Study, to the Bundle of Bonuses.  We want to say, “Thank You, for being our customer.”  This is exclusive to only the Build Your Bundle purchasers.  To get your Bundle of Bonuses buy just one of the regular bundles through the sale and you get over $500 in free products.  Spend only $9.95 and you get another $500 free.  It sounds too good to be true, it’s not!  Try it and see. Hopefully after this sale you will be convinced this is the way to buy curriculum every year.  As described in our blog post, “4 Simple Ways to Save on Curriculum“, all items are in digital format, or the cool people know them as digis.

Validation Keeps You Going

May you and your family be blessed,

Michelle Rothwell, Owner

Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish plus Homeschool Inspired Spanish



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