Every Child is a Masterpiece

     Every child is a masterpiece at the Christian Homeschool Hub.  Lynda Watts Ackert is the famous curriculum writer and developer at the Hub who developed the first ever download club.  Lynda started her website in 2010 and shortly after it was started I found it.  All through the years we have been friends online sharing the Lord and our love for Colorado.  Lynda’s faith and encouragement led me to start my own download club for Spanish.  Children are Lynda’s passion and teaching them is her avenue.  For over 20 years Lynda has taught children working out their masterpieces.  She began her career as a public school teacher and taught both in the states and overseas for the Department of Defense before becoming a mother at the age of 33. It was at that time she began homeschooling. As part of her passion for teaching, she discovered her love for creating educational materials for teachers and homeschoolers and has chosen to give back to the educational community through her efforts to create and maintain this community.

     Lynda is my hero.  She started her website and Facebook page from scratch.  She taught herself how to do HTML.  She learned how to navigate the SEO world.  She creates her own graphics.  What can’t this woman do?!  All of these things she has done while being a wife and mother.  Each part of her life contributes to the masterpieces she creates.

     I can’t say enough about Lynda.  In honor of her commitment to teaching and homeschool families I wanted to include her in my blog while I advertise this year’s Build Your Own Bundle sale.  Lynda has three products for the bundles which are discounted just for you our faithful shoppers.  To find Lynda’s products you will want to look at the Early Learning Bundle, the Thematic Units Bundle and also the Elementary #1 Bundle.


     One thing I can say for sure Lynda has taught me well.  If she can teach me, she can teach anyone.  *smile* Marketing isn’t my strong suit.  I love creating Spanish lessons.  I love teaching people about Spanish Speaking Countries.  I love sharing Spanish Learning Hacks, Tips and Tricks but telling people about them isn’t my cup of tea.  For the last three weeks marketing has been in the forefront.  There are many programs to learn just in the creation of the graphics.  Through it all Lynda has been the patient teacher.


     With the buy two get one free option you can get all three of Lynda’s products.  Don’t wait too long because the sale ends on May 30th.  Then you too can teach or create your children to be a masterpiece.

 Have a great day (Buen dia),

Michelle Rothwell, Owner
Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish
Homeschool Inspired Spanish

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