Thrifty Homeschoolers – Because Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Did your parents ever tell you, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”, after you asked for something you saw at a store?  Maybe saw an ad on t.v.  Or back in my day, thumbing through the Sears catalog toy section.  Uh! Huh!  Well today it is still true.  Too bad too because it would make life so much simpler.  But then again we would have a lot of lazy people not contributing to society if it did grow on trees.

Money on Tree

Annette Berry Breedlove takes it to heart and wants to help.  She puts her money where her computer is with a great website called, Thrifty Homeschoolers.  Even though she homeschools her 5 children she has time to share with us freebies, deals and sales.  How about putting money back into your pocket?  Does that sound like a good idea?  Well if you connect with Annette’s blog you are bound to put money back in your pocket.  Here are some categories she offers:

Copywork and Notebooking

Bible Printables

Holiday Themed Printables


PreK-K Printables

Reading and Language Arts

Seasonal Printables

Science and Nature Study


After following Annette myself, I have found many useful tools for my own family.  Annette makes being thrifty cool.  I know you’ve clicked on all of the links listed above just out of curiosity but guess what?  Now you can say you are cool because you’ve followed my example.  Anything to help with thrifty homeschooling is a good thing.

There is an ulterior motive in telling you about Annette.  Some of her For Sale items are going to be a part of the annual Build Your Bundle Sale.  But before you forget sign up for our amazing Curriculum Giveaway.  Nothing says free better than Win!

Stay tuned to this blog as I will be letting you know as the week goes on about the different bundles which will be 85 – 95% off.  Can you say WOW!?  Again sign up for the Giveaway.

Until next time this is Michelle Rothwell, Owner of Dora & Diego Homeschool Spanish Plus Homeschool Inspired Spanish.

Dios le bendiga (God bless you.)

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