4 Simple Ways to Save on Curriculum

Saving money is huge!  Especially for homeschool families.  A lot of us start small with only one child but then we wind up getting blessed with more.  What if you were to have 6 kids going through homeschool with more on the way?  Even just two can be daunting.  And as one of my friends on Facebook says, “For me price is important.  I have only 1 child I am homeschooling and don’t want to spend a fortune.”  So whether big or small having a way to save on curriculum is important.

Life can be simpler if we learn from outside sources who have been there, done that.  There are four (4) simple ways to save on curriculum for the ever changing dynamic homeschool.


     Back in 2007, when we started Dora and Diego Homeschool Spanish, digital was scarce in the homeschool arena.  In fact, we offered online classes for homeschool families.  Unfortunately, no one took us up on our offer.  Today it’s a different story.  There is a great organization called Virtual Homeschool Group where volunteers teach all grade levels in the basics.  Basics like English, Math, and Science.  Most of the teachers are parents or relatives of the students squeezing in the time to help others.  The best part is all classes are FREE.  Purchase your textbooks and you are ready to go.

Download clubs are a great investment for a small amount of money.  The first one we found was the Christian Homeschool Hub.  Lynda Ackert has developed over 50,000 pages of great curriculum for a small lifetime fee of $99.99.  A lifetime subscription means you can use the website forever or at least until your youngest child has graduated high school.  Forever is a long time.  As a subscriber you hear about all of the good deals Lynda knows about from other companies.  As a subscriber you get to download whatever you want, whenever you want to meet your ever changing homeschool.  In light of this you would be interested in becoming a lifetime subscriber of Homeschool Inspired Spanish.  Are you tired of spending too much for specialized curriculum that doesn’t work?  What about finding curriculum from a Biblical world view?  That is rare and hard to find.   Homeschool Inspired Spanish carries exactly what you are looking for, Biblically-based Spanish curriculum.  You can either buy the hard copy of the curriculum through our store, that is for the book lovers in the world, or get a digital download copy.  There it is again.  The word digital.  The cool way would be to call them digis.  Get your digis at Homeschool Inspired Spanish.

Lastly, digital copies of your favorite homeschool magazine.  Yes, that’s right.  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has gone digital.  You can find TOS in print or digitally.  Other digis are The Homeschool Handbook, Home School Enrichment, and Homeschooling Today.  These digital versions are easy to store and don’t have to be boxed up when you move.  My husband always complains about the books and magazines whenever we move.  Digital has become my life in more ways than one.

Digital means they are an everlasting resource, cost effective, and instant access to your materials.  They will never get lost in the mail.


     Homeschool conventions are a great place to get products bundled together.  The sales are usually fantastic and I just saw a company offer the same deals with free shipping on their website.  Many homeschool vendors like myself want to get the curriculum into the hands of the teachers so they can teach what they want.  The way they want to teach without any prejudice.  I would love to make a little bit of money to at least cover my costs.  Truly creating the curriculum is the most rewarding thing for me.  I would do it all for free but my husband thinks this is an expensive hobby.  LOL (Next to golfing I think it’s cheaper.)  Did you see our blog about Homeschool conventions?  If not, you should read it and get the freebie attached.

Digital bundles are the best for saving in costs.  There are awesome bundle sales all of the time but the best is the annual sale by Build Your Bundle.  They have so many customers they are able to sell quality curriculum you love at 85 to 95% off retail.  Holy moly you can’t find a better price.  This year’s sale will be amazing.  It is bigger than last year.  113 contributors.  20 full bundles.  Not a single item is duplicated.  Something new this year are classes offered at 50% off for high school kids that count as credit.  Yes, you saw that right.  High school classes that count.  Way to go Build Your Bundle!  All of this is well and good but my favorite part is you can Build Your Bundle the way you want and still get the great prices.  We will have more information coming (stay tuned) but here are the dates to save on your calendar and to save your cash:


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     Valuable curriculum for one person can definitely be valuable for the next so buy used.  When you purchase from the ones who have used it before you can ask them questions like, “What is the best way to use this product?”  Or “What didn’t you like about the product?”  The previous owners can tell you, “How to …. ”

So where do you buy used?  I am glad you asked that question.  You can definitely buy used at your local homeschool convention.  Homeschool conventions usually have either a book or a separate room where people are selling their good used curriculum.  Sometimes you can even get good deals on curriculum they never used before but had stored in their school taking up space.  (Yes, that happens to everyone.  Buying curriculum that is never used is a sure thing.)  Homeschool co-ops are another place where you can buy used.  Have you joined a co-op yet?  Granted some co-ops are better than others but get on their email list.  Homeschool co-ops will have vendor/resource fairs that include used curriculum.  They also will attach a sale to their parent nights, field trips, or at the beginning and ending of the year at the co-op site.  You probably don’t know this yet but there is a website for Homeschool co-ops called Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  Another great place to buy used.  With the proper Google search, you will find the right curriculum at the right price.


What?!!!  You want me to sign up for spam?!!!  Yes, I do and here’s why.

  1. Special discounts only received by email subscribers.
  2. Informative updates regarding the subject.
  3. IPOs – Initial Public Offerings. You will be the first to know.
  4. Limited time offers to only email subscribers.
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  7. Secrets to what is happening behind the scenes.
  8. Trial versions need to be tested and you can do it for free.
  9. Successful tips and tricks given.
  10. Easy to change if you aren’t satisfied.

Find a vendor you trust to send you the very best.  Vendors love what they do so they are willing to share everything they have with you.  They will share their secrets about their inner workings.  They will give you exclusivity.  If not, NEXT!  That’s right try the next one.  Or try a different list.  Vendors usually have more than one list so join the one or ones you think will give you what you want.  Drop the lists that don’t measure up.  No harm.  No foul.

Sign up for emails that bring value.  Ask yourself, “What’s in it for me?”.  I know that sounds like a narcissist but your time is valuable and you don’t want to waste it.  Also, sign up for emails that cater to you.  You should be the most valuable person to that vendor.  They shouldn’t waste your time with trivial offerings.  They shouldn’t waste your time with only fluff.  They just shouldn’t waste your time.  Spam emails can actually be good for you if you know how to streamline your choices.  For me any email from a vendor can be considered spam as they are trying to get in front of your face.  So you remember them.  But when you sign up for their lists you are saying, Yes, I want to hear what you have to say.

As practice sign up for emails from Homeschool Inspired Spanish and see how they do it.  See if they have what you want, the way you want.  What have you got to lose?

Free Spanish to You Button

Not only do they share their Spanish knowledge and freebies but they are a great resource for other amazing, awesome, homeschool products.  Did you know that learning a foreign language helps kids learn English?  Homeschool Inspire Spanish teaches both English and Spanish.  Two languages for the price of one.  Now there is some serious savings!

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